Genuine BMW Performance Brake System E90 E91 E92 E93 E81 E82 E87 E88 34110444769 34110444766

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BMWSKU: 34110444769

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description: retrofit performance brake kit complete for front and rear axle 
manufacturer: BMW OEM
condition: NEW in genuine packaging
contents: 1x 34116786741 brake caliper front 6-piston left
1x 34116786742 brake caliper front 6-piston right
1x 34116786044 brake pad set front axle left and right
1x 34356789440 brake pad wearing sensor front axle
1x 34356779356 brake pad wearing sensor clip
1x 34116786392 brake rotor compound 338x26mm front left 
1x 34116786392 brake rotor compound 338x26mm front right
1x 34106780216 brake rotor metal cover front left
1x 34116780215 brake rotor metal cover front right
8x 34116868785 screw
1x 34216786743 brake caliper rear 4-piston left
1x 34216786744 brake caliper rear 4-piston right
1x 34216791421 brake pad set rear axle left and right
1x 34356789445 brake pad wearing sensor rear axle
1x 34356779356 brake pad wearing sensor clip
2x 34216780513 brake pad spring
4x 34203414763 screw M10X26,5
1x 34216795755 brake rotor compound 324x22mm rear left (Brembo)
or 1x 34216795754 brake rotor compound 324x22mm rear left (Brembo)
1x 34216795755 brake rotor compound 324x22mm rear right (Brembo)
or 1x 34216795754 brake rotor compound 324x22mm rear right (Brembo)
2x 34211161806 screw
1x 34216792247 brake rotor metal cover left
1x 34216792248 brake rotor metal cover right
4x 07119904511 screw
4x 34211164044 screw
compatibility: 1-series E81
1-series E82
1-series E87
1-series E88
3-series E90
3-series E91
3-series E92
3-series E93
information: 17" min. wheel size
manual selection of parts equal to no longer available sets
for 3' 34110444769
for 1' 34110444766 
Please send your VIN (chassis number)
so we can check if this this brake systems fits your car.

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