Genuine BMW M Performance 18" Sport Brake Retrofit Upgrade Kit orange 1' F20 F21 2' F22 F23 3' F30 F31 4' F32 F33 F36

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BMWSKU: 34112450470

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description: retrofit upgrade kit M Performance brake system -orange- 34112450470
manufacturer: BMW OEM
condition: NEW in genuine packaging
contents: 1x 34106875655 brake caliper 4-piston front left
1x 34106875656 brake caliper 4-piston front right
1x 34116878882 brake pads set front left and right
1x 34356792289 brake pads sensor front
1x 34106797603 brake disc front left 370x30mm
1x 34106797603 brake disc front right 370x30mm
1x 34116872081 brake disc cover front left
1x 34116872082 brake disc cover front right
1x 34206855485 brake caliper 2-piston rear left
1x 34206855486 brake caliper 2-piston rear right
1x 34216887576 brake pad set rear left and right
1x 34356792292 brake pad sensor rear
1x 34216792243 brake disc cover rear left
1x 34216792244 brake disc cover rear left
compatibility: 1-series F20
1-series F20 LCI
1-series F21
1-series F21 LCI
2-series F22
2-series F22 LCI
2-series F23
2-series F23 LCI
3-series F30
3-series F30 LCI
3-series F31
3-series F31 LCI
3-series F34
3-series F34 LCI
4-series F32
4-series F32 LCI
4-series F33
4-series F33 LCI
4-series F36
4-series F36 LCI
information: minimum of 18" wheels necessary
DSC coding must be adjusted after installation
important: please send chassis number (VIN) along with order
important: will be split into 2 packages for shipment due to weight

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