BMW M Performance Retrofit Kit 19" Sport Brake Red M2 F87 M3 F80 M4 F82 F83 34112462268

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description: retrofit kit complete for front and rear axle 
including calipers, rotors, pads, sensors, covers, screws...
improved brake performance and durability for street and track use
manufacturer: BMW OEM
condition: NEW in genuine packaging
contents: 1x 34118745793 brake caliper front 6-piston left red
1x 34118745794 brake caliper front 6-piston right red
1x 34112284869 brake pad set front axle left and right
1x 34356792289 brake pad wearing sensor front axle
1x 34118072017 brake rotor compound 400x36mm front left 
1x 34118072018 brake rotor compound 400x36mm front right
1x 34118058655 brake rotor metal cover front left
1x 34118058656 brake rotor metal cover front right
1x 34218745797 brake caliper rear 4-piston left red
1x 34218745798 brake caliper rear 4-piston right red
1x 34218091600 brake pad set rear axle left and right
1x 34352284656 brake pad wearing sensor rear axle
1x 34118072019 brake rotor compound 380x28mm rear left 
1x 34118072020 brake rotor compound 380x28mm rear right
1x 34208094317 brake rotor metal cover left
1x 34208094318 brake rotor metal cover right
+ 6x 34116868785, 4x 34211161806, 4x 34106864424, 8x 07119904511
compatibility: 2-series F87 M2
3-series F80 M3
4-series F82 M4
4-series F83 M4
information: no exchange of brake booster necessary, just plug and play
DSC coding must be updated to match improved brake power
requires 19" wheels (rear fit 18")

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